MGMAddOn WinCVS Extension Set

Version 0.4 Beta

MGMAddOn is a set of extensions of the popular Open-Source Windows based CVS client WinCVS ( It should provide some useful comfort features which WinCVS is lacking.

MGMAddOn is NOT a stand-alone application, nor is it an installable plug-in. It is incorporated in WinCVS source code. In order to use it you need a "special" MGMAddOn WinCVS version. The current one is based on WinCVS 1.3 Beta 5.

If you are new to CVS and/or WinCVS, please read the CVS and/or the WinCVS manual first. It is an urgent requirement if you wish to understand and use the MGMAddOn!

While MGMAddOn changes some WinCVS behavior it is always possible to disable these features in order to restore "classic" functionality. This can be done through the MGMAddOn pane in the preferences dialog.


Because MGMAddOn is based on WinCVS it is "Open Source" (GPL).



The documentation has 4 main parts:

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