CVS command output visualizing

As CVS was developed, its client was a simple command line UNIX tool. Later on people started developing GUIs to provide some comfort using CVS; one of them was called WinCVS. Its main idea was to offer the user an easy way to call CVS commands without knowing any of the (many) CVS options. This task is done very good by original CVS, but MGMAddOn goes one step further: its graphical interface is not only limited to CVS input (which would be, for instance, selecting a directory to update) but also visualizes the CVS output (i.e. the file list returned by CVS checkout command).

Let's see how the CVS checkout command output looks like with command line CVS, standard WinCVS and MGMAddOn visualization:


This is the command line version:

Not very convenient... Let's have a look at the normal WinCVS output:

Now we have some color codes for different file statuses (i.e. green for "U" - updated files). Better, but you still have to browse through the log window to see what you got. Here comes the MGMAddOn version:

Here you see the progress dialog:

...and the result:

This Explorer-like interface allows you to comfortably browse the result list and additionally shows the directory structure. If the checkout fails, you can easily find the files that caused the conflict.